Murals Illustration Design
My name is Mohd Anuar. I am an independent artist residing in Kuala Lumpur majoring in illustrations and murals for 8 years. I have illustrated for many local and international brands: some of them including Kiehls, Vespa, Mercedes, Robinsons, Nike, Obey, Vans, Ultra Japan, TM Net, RedBull Malaysia, Tarik Jeans, Adidas, Onitsuka Japan and Facebook. I also paint murals for schools, restaurants, bars, and community spaces.
Personal Works
Sketchbooks 2
Work on papers
Works On Canvass
Oppo x FRITILLDEA x Kucingmiso
Procreate Design
Client Works
German Embassy Malaysia 2020
Mexican Design Mural
Obey X Fritilldea 2019
Nasty Worldwide 2019
Japan Osaka Exhbition 2020
Taylor’s college 2020
Balenciaga KLCC Malaysia 2020
Vans X Fritilldea 2018
Vespa Naza Sunway Pyramid 2019
Vans Cherating 2018
Kiehl’s 2019 Kuala Lumpur
Facebook 2019
Vans Sneakerlah 2018
Adidas 2018
Vespa Sneakerlah 2018
London Group Exhibition 2018
Ultra Japan 2018
Mercedes Benz 2017
Vans Judged Shanghai 2017
Shinka office Tokyo Japan 2017
Tokyo Club Japan 2017
Hatchi Jakarta 2017
Obey Skatetour 2016
London 2016
Mercedes Benz 2016
Red Bull X Fritilldea 2016
Vans Hong Kong 2016
Obey 2015
Nike 2015
Red bull Judged 2015
Kiehl’s 2015 Melaka
Urban Exchange Penang 2015
Shinka Tokyo Japan
Fade To Black
Everyday Human
Nike AF1 Theory
Fritilldea X Notmine